San Diego Wedding Planning

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Wedding Planning San Diego
San Diego Wedding Planning

Fr. Roland will meet with you to discuss your unique wedding plans. Typically, during the initial meeting, we review the ceremony, readings, poems, songs, stories and vows that will make your wedding day memorable. You also have an option to write your wedding ceremony from scratch.

Most importantly, we are here to support you during the process of designing your special day: working with you, your wedding planner, family and friends.


  • We officiate weddings any day of the week.
  • Father Roland officiates weddings in English, Russian, Lithuanian and Italian languages.
  • We gladly travel throughout the San Diego region, Temecula and other areas (to be discussed).
  • We never miss our appointments.
  • Working as a team provides a reliable back-up for your most important celebration.
  • We are always just a phone call away!
  • Bride and Groom must obtain a marriage license from the County of San Diego Administration Center, located at 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101. The license is valid for 90 days. If you live outside of San Diego County, please plan accordingly - obtain a wedding license in your county and state.