San Diego Wedding FAQ's

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Wedding Officiants Frequently Asked Questions

If the wedding is outside, is it a Catholic/Christian Wedding?

Yes. The sacrament of marriage is given at the time when bride and groom make their vows to each other; the minister is only a key witness. The place of the ceremony is incidental and should be a free choice of the couple.

Will you still marry us if one or both of us is not Catholic?

Yes. Faith is a personal matter between the bride and groom.

Is divorce a problem for remarriage?

Not with us. For the last 1200 years, the Catholic Church has held no inclusive or exclusive position on this matter.

Is it possible to include children in the ceremony if one of us has children?

Indeed it is possible and probably a good idea. We will assist you with creatively incorporating children into the marriage ceremony.

What if we do not attend Church regularly?

Whether you do or not is a personal matter. It should have little or nothing to do with your marriage plans. However, to us, it is much more important to be spiritual than religious.

Do we need a series of pre-marital instructions?

These are not required. However, if you both wish some pre-marital counsel, we are happy to work with you.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.